Using QMee To Make Money From Surveys (Preview)

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This is a preview of the full guide, in short you can use a service called QMee to fill out surveys. If you do so honestly, and consistently, you will generate enough money to make purchases, which you can then get cashback from each purchase, further building up a pot of money to withdraw to your PayPal account, using the likes of Quidco. Even if you only complete part of a survey and you aren’t eligible to finish the whole thing, you will be paid for your time.

Many game deals are shown on my Gaming Twitter Account where games cost less than £1 – so it’s very feasible to essentially get games for “free”, earn cash back on them, and then generate money from playing them by Livestreaming them, or recording footage and making unique or informative YouTube videos. For some it’s a side-income, for others it’s a career. Many don’t take full advantage of what the system of cashback has to offer, and pay for products, which they could have earned up to 50% cashback from – and chose to withdraw that cashback to their PayPal account whenever they felt like it, to fund a bigger purchase, such as new computer hardware like a Capture Card or Professional Microphone to raise the quality of their stream and in-turn  bring in more viewers, and earn more money from streaming!

I get a reward for referring people to Quidco, ranging from £5-25 depending on the promotion: this is something I encourage you to do once you sign up – ask your friends to sign up (using your own link; of course feel free to use mine, it helps me but my goal is ultimately to help you – if you feel the benefit, we will have a good trust relationship which is worth more in the long-run!)

I was not eligible for that particular survey, and because it took around 30 seconds of my time, I was still paid out 10 pence. This sounds ridiculously low – but if you use this daily, along with the many 90%+ discounts bringing game prices down to 79p instead of £9.99 – you can see how you will quickly build a library of games that cost a fraction of the price – and if you earned cashback with Quidco at the same time, you will have added more money to Withdraw to PayPal / Bank to spend on whatever you like.

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