Creating a Custom Microsoft Surface Icon For OneDrive

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OneDrive is Windows built-in equivalent to Dropbox. It’s matured over the years (formerly SkyDrive) and features some tight integration with Windows 10, Windows mobiles and through Google Play, and the App Store, you can enjoy full access to your OneDrive through Android and iPhone apps. Jump to the bottom of the page to see the icon in action.

Microsoft Office 365 comes with a generous 1,000mb (1 terabyte) of storage space.

I’ve used 883gb of OneDrive space; far too much for my Surface to sync up with OneDrive

I’m a user of both Mac and Microsoft products, desktop and mobile. I particularly like the Microsoft Surface (get one for £200 discount from Amazon today), which is a brilliant hybrid between a tablet and a fully-functioning laptop. However, it has limited hard drive space – the hard drive is fast, but it’s not got desktop-levels of storage. For that reason, if you make full use (1 terabyte+) of OneDrive storage, it simply won’t fit on a Microsoft Surface.

116Gb – yet OneDrive offers 1000gb capacity.

This is no problem; you can pick and choose which folders are synced up according to how you use the system. In my case, I have tens of gigabytes of graphics and video files which I use on Desktop, but simply aren’t needed on the Microsoft Surface.

I’m a sucker for things being organised, but also looking good. So I have created a custom icon (which you can download here) for a Microsoft Surface folder in OneDrive. That way, you only sync that folder (and maybe some others, depending on your needs), with your Surface, and don’t waste hard drive space on other files.

Notice the “Surface” folder; it looks great and stands out.

My custom Microsoft Surface icon

Check out the video below to see my custom Microsoft Surface icon in action, with more information on why and how further down the page.

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